"Vegas On Viaggra"

(A Hot Flash Revue)

“Old age ain’t for sissies,” said Bette Davis, and the average age of the Las Vegas tourist is 50. Combine these two facts and you have the basis for a new comedy revue entitled Vegas On Viaggra!

V-on-V is 60 minutes of comedy, music, and dance aimed at the 50+ boomers who make up a great percentage of Las Vegas tourists. It is a fast-paced, funny revue with sketches and musical numbers based on senior sexuality and those aggravating geriatric issues associated with the so-called golden years.

The cast is small – no more than 8 versatile performers (all over 50) including 4 principle singer/comics and 4 dancers. The two female dancers are GORGEOUS and can compete with any 25-year old dancer on the strip! Along with the equally gifted male dancer, they will also play major roles in the sketches and group numbers. Because the cast members are all in the targeted age group, there is no element of patronization and “let’s make fun of the old people.”

The special material for the show is funny without being offensively smutty. The show is a combination of group numbers, solos, and quick comedy sketches. Sample possible numbers for the show include:

· Old Farts on Wheels – the entire cast is on roller skates

· Gonna Get a Little Tonight – two escapees from Golden Acres on the town

· High Rollers – 3 old dames are playing the slots and taking the casino by storm

The music will be provided by one keyboard artist, with pre-recorded musical tracks augmenting the live accompaniment when required.

Sets will be minimal although certain set pieces might be used. Good lighting is essential and total black-outs will be required.

The key Production staff for Vegas on Viaggra are as follows:

Producer: Minnie Madden.

Producer/Director: Chuck Rounds.

Writing Coordinator: Suzanne Buhrer. Suzanne was a comedy fixture in many Las Vegas shows during the 70s and 80s. She was head writer of Bottoms Up during its heyday and also the leading comedienne in that show for a dozen years. She has written special material for many performers, including Kaye Ballard, Rusty Warren, Rip Taylor, and Joan Rivers. Suzanne has won two LA Dramalogue Awards for writing in addition to two Las Vegas Entertainment Awards for performing.