“The nearly dozen or so musical numbers are choreographed to perfection by Minnie Madden.”

- Courier Times

“She has introduced new slants to her staging and choreography”

- Variety

“Imaginative Choreography…a knockout.”

- Vegas Magazine, LA Times

“She makes the show work in wonderful unexpected ways.”

- Newark Star Ledger

“Choreographed to perfection.”

- Courier Times

“ The dancing is superb.”

- Philadelphia Inquirer

“The choreography which makes excellent use of the 30 by 40 foot ice surface, was inventive and very effective.”

- American Skating World

“Minnie Madden helps make this show work in wonderfully unexpected ways, like the introduction of a show stopping rap number called, “She’s no Longer a Gypsy.”

- Newark Star Ledger

"The brilliant choreography for the show was created by Minnie Madden who is no ice skater, but a dancer. She has choreographed film and directed rock videos, stage shows in the United States, and Asia.”

- Dramalogue

“Nutcraker on Ice” skates close to perfect.” "Choreographer Minnie Madden crammed enough daredevil leaps and spins into the two hour show to satisfy the most hardened thrill seeker.”

- Rochester Times Union

“The staging and choreography is worthy of a Las Vegas Production. Credit Minnie Madden.”

- Las Vegas Review Journal

“Champions on Ice,” Spectacular…A Must See for the Entire Family.

- The Times Herald -West Point, NY.

“Champions on Ice,” “The Best Show Ever! Spectacular.”

- K-W Record Kitchner Ontario

“World Cup Figure Skating Champions is an artistic as well as commercial success. The talent alone is wonderful and ensemble work was brilliant. The tour is first class skating event.”

- Blades Magazine