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August 22, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this recommendation letter on behalf of Minnie Madden. Anheuser-Busch initiated a major re-launch of their famous Seaworld identity, SHAMU. The show entitled BELIEVE, produced at the three Seaworld Parks in Spring 2006, had a significant music and media component in order to bring an emotional connection to the great killer whale behaviors.

Minnie served as Director for the installation of Believe, at SeaWorld San Antonio. San Antonio opened a month before Orlando and San Diego; it was our try-out site to test some very radical assumptions concerning the whales, the trainers, and our technology and theatrical goals of the show. After 4 years of planning, it was Minnie's role to bring the show to life for the first time. Minnie was the director who found the beats, transitions and buttons that made the show flow. She confirmed our creative direction, discovered the realities of killer whale behaviors and prioritized the complex responsibilities of the trainers.

Throughout the entire process, Minnie showed incredible creative guidance and collaboration with the whale trainers and technical team from San Antonio. She also collaborated with the directors and trainers from Orlando and San Diego and demonstrated a spirit of fun inventive teamwork throughout. Dealing with a difficult rehearsal schedule, she managed to have constant patience and never-ending energy to pursue the best possible show. Her work with the crew, management, trainers, and corporate executives was of the highest caliber.

Because of her success, the other two larger parks were able to see the vision of the show as something that was possible. Because of her work, almost half a million people a year are moved to believe in the incredible message of the show. Minnie has not only changed how the trainers in San Antonio perform their shows, but also changed how the audience sees Shamu.

I would recommend Minnie to any project that held significant challenges and unique situations. She brings to the job a great variety of experience. She also brings the dedication and willingness to learn a totally new environment.

Please feel free to call me to discuss at any time.


Don Frantz

Theatrical Management & Creative Development