It’s big! It’s bouffant! It’s curly and cute! It’s frizzy and fuzzy and slick and stylish!

It’s “FLIP!”

The newest offering from Minnie Madden Productions, “FLIP!” is a one-of-a-kind, up, and up and away salute to the coiffure, it’s myriad looks, modes and manners-a singing and dancing compendium of hair that brings together the best and the worst of hair days in one exciting, fun-filled production.

We open the show with our International Hair Wall, where our singers and dancers represent the characteristic hairstyles of a multitude of countries from around the world.

The opening song…..”Hair” …is taken to new lengths as our performers sing the song in their representative accents…with comedic effect. They are stopped dead, however, as the epitome of all hairdos, Marie Antoinette, makes an entrance with her 6’ tresses and causes everyone to …FLIP.

From there we flip through the decades of hair American-style brought to life in hair-raising heights. The glamorous, flowing waves of the 40’s coif brings “Big Fun” on “Swing Street” and we dance the “Bandstand Boogie;” our 50’s “Beauty School Dropout,” and her beauty school babes (with toy poodles in tow) proves that even the best-intentioned dye job can go wrong (is your hair …..uh….orange?) resulting in hairdo “Tragedy!” And we can’t forget those all-American classics, the Ducktail and the Beehive.

Our 60’s segment brings fringe and flowers and the newest look in big hair, the afro, and carries on into the 70’s when disco ruled the airwaves and “You should be dancin’” and “I like the Nightlife” were a way of life at the “Disco Inferno.” Then it’s on into the 80’s with a hairstylist’s nightmare when locks went pink and punk!

Finally, the ‘flip’ takes over –cast—poodles!—and we end our musical tribute to hair with a rousing, fast –paced song and dance rendition of “Shout”….but we call it FLIP.

Minnie Madden Productions’ FLIP!” is a highly visual and musical treat that everyone can relate to. And if you like big hair….big big hair…..you are going to Flip for “FLIP!”