"Steam Heat"

The Music and Passion of Broadway

From the showstoppers to the sultry songs of the stage, this Broadway revue is sure to be an audience favorite. For over 100 years the musicals of Broadway have thrilled and delighted audiences the world over. Steam Heat: The Music and Passion of Broadway presents the best of these shows. The dazzling tap dance from 42nd Street, the sexy Jazz numbers of Bob Fosse, powerful love ballads, the breathtaking dance and ballet of a multitude of shows, and so much more; are here for you in this compact fast-paced and thrilling show. This is a high-energy production sure to keep the audience amazed with the singing and dancing talent of an exceptional, seasoned, and talented cast.

The show is also flexible in its size and scope…it is suitable for a Broadway stage, but can be easily adapted for a smaller room or convention space.

It is a family friendly show that can serve as an exhilarating introduction to the depth and breadth of Broadway productions. These are the shows, and these are the numbers that have defined the pinnacle of achievement in dance, music, and song in our modern musical history.

Steam Heat: The Music and Passion of Broadway is one of those productions that everyone will know and love.

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