"Classic Vegas"

The legendary shows of Las Vegas have become both elusive and mythical. Gorgeous showgirls in spectacular costumes and headdresses bouncing and jiggling across the stage titillating and tantalizing audience members have become the celebrated keynote in a stunning extravaganza. Classic Vegas brings all of the glamour, all of the excitement, and all the thrills of the quintessential Las Vegas production.

The show contains all of the elements that will guarantee a fabulous “Vegas” experience—dancers will heat up the night, showgirls will illuminate the senses, variety acts will thrill, and the singer/comedian host will bring the show into your heart, mind and soul.

Depending on the extravagance level that is desired, the cast size and the show length are extremely flexible—from a corporate party to a full-length stage production, Classic Vegas has the ability to satisfy the needs of multitudes without ever having to sacrifice the quality or integrity of the production.

Produced by Minnie Madden Productions, Classic Vegas is a production that you will be proud to present. Minnie Madden Productions is firmly committed to honesty, integrity and creative excellence in all its endeavors – and committed to delivering memorable entertainment and an outstanding guest experience to our clients. Bringing fantasy to life… it’s the magic of Show Business!